Friday, 19 April 2013

Creative Development-Bells.Belong.Existence.Confined

A short clip of some of the movement we created during the process at Fremantle and earlier this year. Gives an insight into the characters as well as various physicality's we are exploring. 

Fremantle surrounds

Images obtained from "Photographs of Perth" webpage.


Here we have investigated some sound we are interested in using during the performance. We have mixed together a soundtrack from Youtube with some sounds generated from the computer software tool. We are particularly interested in the almost hypnotic effect of the sounds created by the software tool

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Images of Fremantle Arts Centre

Some of the images of the Fremantle Arts Centre taken during the performance at Fremantle. These haunting images will form some of the basis of the visual images we will use during the performance


This short film, filled with powerful images highlights some of the treatments used on people in these institutions.  ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) is still used today and is considered one of the most successful treatments of depression.  Reference to ECT is given in our text ' I was strapped down and before I knew it daylight became darkness'. Images found in this film will be further inspiration for the development of our work 

The Fremantle Arts Centre

Image obtained from weloveperth. Originally published in September 2011 at

The rich history of the Fremantle Arts Centre has inspired the concept for this work and continues to drive our creative explorations. With this piece, Bells. Belong. Existence. Confined, we have expanded upon some ideas and two primary characters that surfaced during the development of a show with LINK Dance Company in October 2012, which was performed in and around the Fremantle Arts Centre. The greater Fremantle area, alongside historical landmarks around Perth have further contributed to our explorations, and influenced us. 


This is the text that was created from the development in Fremantle and forms the basis for much of our work:

I’ve been sitting in this chair for ages waiting for my son and his family to visit. They don’t come that often. Sam’s wife is busy with the kids and work. Well, that’s what he tells me.

This will happen only once in existence. Bells don’t ring for no reason.

I seem to recall the first day I arrived here. The Matron looked me up and down and said “There, put her in there. She belongs with those people”. The place smelt of mothballs

I only see land and desert. Bells don’t ring for no reason.

They said I was violent once. I was strapped down and before I knew it daylight became darkness. I slept for three days. Well, that’s what they tell me.

I will meet you again sometime, but never in the same setting. Bells don’t ring for no reason.

I’m sick of toast, I want fruit for breakfast so I wheeled myself out into the courtyard and managed to sneak through the gate to the orchard. The Matron came running out and started yelling at me. I looked at her and said, “I want fruit”.

They grabbed me from behind and before I knew it I was confined. Bells don’t ring for no reason.

My son should be here by now. It would be great to see the kids again. It’s been a long time. I look at the painting of a butterfly hanging on my wall. It’s blue wings remind me of the sky outside. Oh how I wish I were a butterfly.

I remember running. The wind and clouds streaked with grey. The dew from the morning mist still lingers. I can taste it on my lips. I don’t know how long I will be able to hide from them. Bells don’t ring for no reason.